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Occupational Medicine

Employer Productivity is the mission of the Occupational Medicine department of Stat-Health. Precious time lost on the job by an ill or injured employee translates into lost dollars to the employer. Our ability to see patients immediately without appointment and without long waits, returning them to work as soon as their conditions permit, is what makes Stat-Health the medical choice for the productivity-conscious employer. We also expedite the new hire preliminaries to get your new employee on the job quicker through our acessibility to immediate screening and on site testing.

  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Post-offer evaluation of new hires
  • Drug/Alcohol testing
  • Return to work clearance following injury or illness
  • DOT physicals
  • Physical capability forms
  • Follow-up care and evaluation of the injured patient
  • Annual or periodic physical exams

Stat-Health consults with employers for services tailored to their needs and provides contractual services and plant visits. If you would like a representative of Stat-Health to visit your office and consult with you on our offerings, please contact us at 631-360-5900. We would be delighted to provide any employer with a tour of our center upon request.

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About StatHealth: In 2005, Dr. Marc Salzberg and Dr. Paolo Coppola, both Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, saw a need for a walk-in medical center that could respond to urgent care and routine medical care situations in a convenient, warm and comfortable setting. Eight locations later, StatHealth continues to offer a personalized, excellent care alternative to the conventional hospital emergency room, medical clinic or "doc in a box." Be assured that all StatHealth centers, personnel and Board Certified Emergency Physicians are ready to provide the best in immediate medical care.

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