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Beat the Winter Blues

Winter Blues got you down? Here are some tips to avoid getting down this winter season:


1. Exercise

Exercise is  great for relieving stress.  The effects of a good workout can last all day . You’ll have more energy throughout the day, and your metabolism with stay elevated along with your mood.


2. Eat a Healthy Diet (Most of the time)

Avoid complex sugars and processed foods. Keeping your body fueled with healthy, nutritious food will help balance your mood. Once in awhile it is okay to indulge in the typical ‘comfort food’ that is popular in the winter months.


3. Get Some Sun

Lack of sunlight can cause many people to become depressed—without knowing why! Similar to exercise, sunlight exposure releases neurotransmitters in the brain that affect mood. Try to spend a little more time outdoors.  Keep your shades up during the day to let more light in. Sit near windows in restaurants and during class. Try changing the light bulbs in your house to “full spectrum” bulbs. These mimic natural light and actually have the same affects on your mind as the real thing.


4. Treat Yourself

Take the time to pamper and take care of yourself. Indulge in a bubble bath or a spa day. Reward yourself for getting through the winter.


5. Relax!

Winter is a time of slowing down. Don’t over book your schedule. It’s cold outside, time to kick back with a cup of hot tea and a good book!


6. Embrace the Season

Instead of always avoiding the cold and the snow—look for the best that it has to offer! Take up a winter sport like ice skating, snowboarding, hockey, or even sledding! Enjoy these opportunities while they last—after all, they’re only here a few months per year. Staying active will boost your energy. Seeing winter in a positive light, with all the fun activities that it has to offer, will keep your spirits high.


7. Get Social Support

Winter can be isolating, remember to schedule some social time.  Have a craft day, or a brunch. Getting out of the house for something you want to do is a great motivator.