Staying Healthy this Halloween


Halloween is a fun holiday, but it also comes right at the beginning of cold and flu season.  With all of the activities and hullabaloo it’s important that you keep your kids happy and healthy this Halloween.


  1. Dress Warm! The end of October can see temperatures as low as the 40s so make sure your kids wear costumes that can be worn with layers underneath them.  Kids can also work up a sweat trick or treating so it becomes handy when they can just shed a jacket or sweat shirt if they get too hot.


  1. Avoid Germy Games: Traditional Halloween games can be fun, but they can also be breeding pools of germs during cold and flu season.  Games like bobbing for apples are a perfect way to catch a nasty cold or flu virus. Pin the tail on the cat or ring toss is a much better bet for germ free fun.


  1. Maintain a healthy diet: With all of the tricks we can’t forget about the treats! Halloween has some of the tastiest of the year, but remember to not let your kids fill up solely on sugary snacks. Poor nutrition can weaken their immune system leaving them susceptible to illness. Make sure your kids are getting plenty of fruits and vegetables too.


  1. Remember safety first!: On Halloween it’s fun to cut loose and let our dark side run a little wild, but you shouldn’t neglect the basic Halloween safety measures. Make sure that they only go trick or treating in neighborhoods that they know. If you are worried about dangerous people in your neighborhood visit a neighborhood watch website that lists anyone who is on a registered sex offender list.  Instruct your kids to not visit any house without their front porch light on. Make sure your kids are visible in the dark, whether they are carrying flashlights or wearing reflective vests/tape.